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We've been inspiring others to see the world for more than 20 years. Cruise Planners Travel Advisors are experts that will help you navigate the vast ways to travel, bring you lots of goodies along the way, and help you let "the good times" roll. By land or sea, what's your Cruisitude? Your journey begins with us.

Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, has a tremendous reputation for quality, service, and very competitive pricing for ALL of your travel service needs. Cruise Planners Travel Advisors will help you discover exciting adventures around the world. From planning your cruise to land tours and completely packaged vacations, we specialize in all types of travel and will create an unforgettable vacation just for you.

We can offer exclusive American Express Cardmember benefits as well as provide you the opportunity to travel in style at the most competitive pricing available while still receiving the best service in the travel business.



 ... you have earned your well-deserved vacation!  Or perhaps you are celebrating an important milestone.  Have you ever considered the value of a Travel Agent especially when planning a big group trip? Milestones like destination weddings, honeymoon, family reunions, yoga & spa retreats,  girls getaway etc?  They should be celebrated in a BIG way and it is a day you cannot afford to go wrong.  That's where I come in. 


One Call Does It All!


Skyland World Travel Spotlight


About Us

A locally owned and operated, full service travel agency with global reach, established in 1995.

At Skyland World Travel, we provide our clients with exceptional service and competitive pricing. Whether you are a leisure or business traveler, we have the experience and expertise to serve you.

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with travel companies and suppliers. We leverage these partnerships to give our clients Personal Service with Global Reach.

We are honored that our clients return year after year for their travel needs and inaddition, entrust their families and friends to us by referring Skyland World Travel.


Experience the difference Skyland World Travel can make!

We know you will enjoy working with our experienced and friendly staff for all yourtravel needs.

Check out all we have to offer for Australian Tourism!  Our very own Pauline Churchill has been recognized as an Aussie Specialist  in New Jersey!

Skyland  World  Travel  is  an  ARC  (Airline  Reporting

Corporation) accredited agency.

Proud member of:

IATAN  (International  Airlines  Travel  Agent Network)

ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents)

Travel Leaders

Our large membership base allows us to provide better deals and tailored experiences at a price you will not find anywhere else. 

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Sensible addictions spotlight



About Our Products

We specialize in high-quality personal care products customized to your specific needs. You can customize and personalize the products and labels.  We have over 230 essential, organic, and fragrant oils that you can use to create your own scent; you can also name it. 


All of our products are free of sulfates, parabens, and GMOs. 

Besides our Bath Bombs and Bath Salts, our products are also free of dyes. The Bath Bombs and Bath Salts are made with natural colorings.

We never test on animals!


Sensible Addictions Birthday Party Packages

All Party Packages Include:

  • digital invitations
  • Birthday child is free (with 10 other guests)
  • Birthday Banner
  • free gift for Birthday child
  • place mats with games and Birthday child's name printed
  • use of kitchen



Package A - $189


  • 10 GUESTS (+Birthday Child)
  • 4oz Sugar Scrub
  • 4oz Body Spritz
  • Choice of 5 Fragrances
  • Venue for 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Music
  • Use of kitchen and ovens
  • $19 for each guest after 10

Package B - $229


  • 10 GUESTS (+ Birthday Child)
  • 4oz Sugar Scrub
  • 3oz Premium Lotion
  • Choice of 10 Fragrances
  • Venue for 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Music
  • Use of kitchen and ovens
  • $23 for each guest after 10

Package C - $269


  • 10 GUESTS (+Birthday Child)
  • 4oz Sugar Scrub
  • 3oz Premium Lotion
  • 4oz Body Spritz
  • Choice of 15 Fragrances
  • Venue for 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Music
  • Use of kitchen and ovens
  • $27 for each guest after 10 


Cathy Rosselli Studios

About Us

I have been blessed with two professions that have enabled me to create the exact type of portraiture needed to become your heirlooms. You might call me a photo stylist. I have the ability to create everything from the makeup to hairstyles. After capturing the image, then taking in the given surroundings, I am able to conjure the image I am about to set the stage for it, you have to be quick, as sometimes you don’t have a lot of time. Having been a stylist first, it gave me the advantage of seeing every angle of the image I am creating. Blending my cosmetology experience with photography Is the perfect combination for creating memorable portraits. We also offer destination photography. Cathy Rosselli Photography is located at 149 Spring Street, Newton, NJ 07860. 

I hope to meet you very soon! 


Little Pixels Children's Portraiture

 Cathy Rosselli,  newborn photographer, specializing in brand new born babies just as they are: fuzzy, soft skin, teeny tiny fingers and toes, your baby curled up in the palm of your partner's hands - this beautiful stage in your new baby's life is fleeting and an important time to capture.   


The Creative Edge Photography Studio

Additional Information

We want your wedding day to be AWESOME. We've developed a passion for unique photography that not only documents a point in time, but creates an experience. We do so much more than show up on your wedding day and click a button, we want to create images that are timeless and showcase your love!
The Creative Edge Photography captures every moment with passion. From the giggles of the flower girls, to the loving tears of the parents, let us capture your wedding moments and then turn them into memories that will last a life time. Our images are vivid, modern and elegant ; captured in the most unobtrusive way possible.

Let us capture your first journey together.
Engagement photos, wedding day, thank you cards and more.

Chris Beatty and Andrea Beatty


Creative Edge Photography

Classic and Modern Wedding Photography Chris Beatty and Andrea Beatty are outstanding artists, photographers, and savvy entrepreneurs working under The Creative Edge Photography Studio located in Hope, NJ. Chris and Andrea specialize in Wedding & Event Photography along with Portrait Photography.


Green compass

Additional Information

I’ve written many spotlights for this company, and love the true back story of all the business owners I interview, but Patty Hopson’s story not only impaired me, but gave me pause to think.

Less than two years ago Patty Hopson was plagued by severe crippling chronic pain. She sought Doctor after Doctor to no avail. The pain became so insurmountable, that she had to limit her work schedule to maybe 1 or 2 days a week. She became incapacitated, not only by pain, but also depression and anxiety, all the trappings of being unwell. She saw no end insight. One day a pastor’s wife introduced her to CBD products from Green Compass. She says the results were nothing short of miraculous. What turned out to be conditions and not limited to like, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, damaged vertebrae amongst other things, were reduced and managed by these products.
She then did her research. CBD products which come from hemp, the non psychoactive part of the marijuana plant, has such healing properties, many are calling it the miracle product of the century and its own economic engine in and of itself.
Green Compass is meticulous with their whole process.
From the farmers, seed selections, soil and water testing, to hand pruning.
ZERO pesticides, NON GMO
Organically grown....Following strict growing, cultivating and extracting methods
Each batch is 3rd party quality/purity tested and has its own certificate of analysis (COA) that can be provided to advocates AND customers!         
Green Compass is the Brand and Green compass is the distributor. Very few companies can claim that.
She was sold and her life couldn’t be in more of an upswing. When she described her massive bout with pain and injury, it’s a wonder she could get out of bed, let alone steam the charge for these incredible healing products. Her products range in price from $12 to $250, depending on your ailments and what you’re using them for.
Education is key, and Patty has a wealth of knowledge to start anyone on a path to wellness. She’s a team leader with Green Compass, and speaks volumes of the financial opportunities that come with being a representative of these products.
I’ve done my own research too, and nobody can deny that the world of healing is on to something now that these products are legal thanks to the 2018 Farmers Act, separating these incredible products from a schedule I drug. These days the world is her own farm to plant the seeds of wellness and wealth for Patty and those who come on board. It was such a pleasure learning more about these products, and will certainly be trying out for myself.

Patty Hopson

Phone: 803-468-1102

Email:  Phopson82@gmail.Com 

To Answer The Top Questions I Get

Yes, it’s legal in all 50 states.

No, it doesn’t get you high.

Yes, it works for me and my family. 

Yes, I can get you third party lab tests to prove quality. 

No, it’s not a pyramid scheme. 

Yes, I’m passionate about the benefits of CBD.