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Riverview Kennel is determined to set the bar when it comes to the very important field of animal care. “Care “ is the keyword here, because it’s the true love and understanding of animals that contributes to what makes Lisa’s establishment head and shoulders above the rest. I spoke with her yesterday and she couldn’t express more that those she employs must have a passion for the betterment of animal care. She is very passionate and very educated, in not just what it takes to run a kennel, but taking care of horses, and caring for an array of other species when the time arrives.

Cleanliness is top priority for the animals left in her care, as well as their emotional well-being, and, yes, happiness. The establishment is completely cleaned over nearly every hour on the hour to ensure an the safety of the animals and their environment. What struck me most interesting is the multi cross section of training her and her staff have. Animal massage, behavioral training, grooming to an advanced knowledge for the animals needs from a scientific stand point, and a complete loving stand point. She understands that the animals in her care not only have physical needs, but emotional as well.

She’s created an environment that is more like home for the animals, as opposed to a sterile office environment that can and will automatically stress the animals. She understands intrinsically the nature of dogs and executes her care accordingly, for their safety, and care. It’s truly a haven when you combine the professionalism of the staff, vet tech, and certified animal massage therapist, with rules for the animals to flourish in their company, as opposed to feeling abandoned. She truly has a burning passion for animals and the education of such, to make her the leader in kenneling, especially in a day and age where animal rights and well being is at the forefront of social issues. I think it’s something we all can agree upon.

Pro Pet Fence

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You can't save the world by adoption one dog but for that one dog the world will change forever, dogs are family

Customers ask me or are concerned if this will hurt their dog.  There is no  way to sugar coat it, your pet will experience   a static shock but will not hurt your pet. 

I got into this business from first hand experience. My dog Ripley was only 6 years old when a neighbor hit and killed her.  I cannot tell you the pain I felt.

I promised myself this would never happen again.  After months of research  I found PetSafe and Innotek and installed the system on my own property.  Yes when I trained my pets they got the static shock, yelped and  jumped, but this is nothing compared to the pain I felt and what my dog Ripley felt.

I now have three dogs and I installed a dog door.  My dogs go out whenever they want and have never left the property and have the freedom to run on my property.

One last note.  I see a lot of posters on phone polls and in vets offices of lost pets.  Don't let this happen to you.

Let Your Dog Run...Not Run AwayOver 15 years experience

  • Best Selling Brands
  • Gentle Soft Touch Training
  • Wireless Indoor Systems
  • Dog Doors Installed
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • We Service all major brands
  • Advanced digital technology
  • Programmable Receiver to fit you pets needs
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Transmitter coverage up to 100 acres
  • Wireless Remote available
  • Training sessions included
  • No hidden costs
  • Lightning & Surge Protection installed on all system