Oil with Me!

My name is Danielle Dagata & I am a 19 year Multiple Sclerosis Survivor....

I was diagnosed with progressive-relapsing, remitting MS 19 yrs ago  at the age of 24, after waking up to find my entire left side paralyzed. I was also misdiagnosed for 7 years prior.  I experienced losing the use of various parts of my body every 5-7 months, severe migraines on a weekly basis and monthly issues regarding my kidneys.  I have been on 9 medications ranging for body & nerve pain / tension, to migraine meds, monthly IV’s & daily injections. I also always had to take a zillion supplements everyday just to offset all the meds. But everyday my body rejected them.  I had chronic fatigue during the day and insomnia at night. & constant anxiety  I resigned from teaching preschool and started working as an administrative assistant/estimator for an electrical contractor.

In 2005 I ended up in a wheelchair for a few months after stopping my meds cold turkey.  I went to Arizona for Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments and it helped me to walk again.  A year later I ended up back in the chair and just doing steroid treatments until I gained the use of my legs again.  I resigned from my job again.  My doctor added the monthly IV’s in 2008 & I have been in a sort of remission ever since, like no major attacks, but still get my good/bad days but couldn’t hold down a full time job. 

In October of 2016, I met 2 beautiful women who introduced me to a new healthier lifestyle using medical grade essential oils and supplements and lessening my intake of dairy & gluten (for inflammation).  I stopped all pain meds that October and in January I began weaning off the pills for nerve pain & migraines. I haven’t had an issue with my kidneys since November of 2016.  The last couple of years my left eye started getting weaker (from a birth defect), double vision and loss of muscle.  In June of last year, I started using 1 of my oils around my eyes. I was supposed to get surgery in September to correct it, but now I don't have to!

I have more energy & less pain now to get through my day; I have improved sleep, less migraines & decreased brain fog, which in turn leaves me in a much better mood!  (My husband is extremely grateful! Lol) This past January I started a new IV called Ocrevus, which is only twice a year and stopped my injections entirely!  

Using these amazing “gifts of the earth”, I have ridden my body and home of so many toxins.  Not only am I much healthier today but so is my family. 

Since incorporating natural solutions into my life, I have been able to eliminate 9 medications & now I feel better than I have ever felt!

My family & even our dog's health have greatly improved!

 My stepson had to interview me for a school project.  One of the questions was, “If you could give any advice to children, what would it be?”  So I said, “It doesn’t matter what age you are or disability you have, never stop doing what you love and if someone tells you that you can’t do something, prove them wrong!”

Another important thing to have is an amazing support system and positive attitude.  I wouldn’t be here today without my mom (my constant rock from day 1), friends, family and my strong faith.  No matter what you believe in, believe in the bigger picture.  That you will rise above this illness and never let it bring you down.  I said from the beginning, “I may have M.S. but it doesn’t have me!”

Now all I want to do is share the wealth of health with all of you!

Reach out to me to learn how to rid your body & home of toxins & optimize your life!

Science behind doTerra

The doTERRA mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and related natural wellness products. We accomplish this with a strong team of in-house scientists as well as highly accomplished scientific and medical advisors. We also stay at the forefront of scientific advances by partnering with selected academic, industry and medical institutions. 



Our Story

pawTree with The Barts
               pawTree has been a very happy accident of an adventure for our family!  I (Tracey) have had pets my whole life growing up. While my husband ( Scott) has had none. So after years of discussions, we decide to adopt what started with 1, and ended with 5   cats. Shortly after adopting the first. Scott started having trouble breathing. We assumed he was allergic to the cats, so I would bath them once a week with dry shampoo to cut down on the dander. To no avail did it seem to help. Every night, after feeding the cats, we would lay down for bed, and sure enough his asthma would start to kick in. Now, knowing that he was highly allergic to shellfish, I was conscious of only buying chicken and beef flavored food or treats, thinking that he would be safe. Boy were we wrong! Turns out that many companies used diced shrimp meat as a “natural flavor” as listed on the bag.  And even if they don’t , all the brand’s food is processed on the same equipment, causing cross contamination.  So online I go to do some research into some companies, when all of a sudden I hear the “ding” of a notification.  Instantly I am sucked into the vortex we have come to know as, Facebook. While browsing a group that I was a part of, I see this post :" Does your pet suffer from allergies? Ask me how I can help! “ Curious, I click. Suddenly I am welcomed to the wonderful world of pawtree! The first thing I see, is a banner for Super food Seasoning that reads. “You don't like to eat the something every day, and Neither do your pets!'' -Wow, honestly I never even thought about it. Now I’m intrigued even more, so I continued on. Also come to find out, many pets also suffer from food allergies, who knew? But, being that pawTree products are veterinary developed for animals with allergies, they specialize in minimal ingredient, grain free and/ or healthy grain, poultry free and fish free varieties but with maximum nutrition for optimal health!   So, we decide to give it a go, and try the food.  The day our order arrived, I bring the box in the house, and the cats start circling the box, rubbing up against it, and meowing. It was almost like they knew the box was for them. I dish out the wet, and the dry, sprinkle on some superfood seasoning, and low and behold, all dishes are licked clean within minutes! It took about 2 weeks for it to finally stop, but within a day, Scott’s wheezing let up, and his cough had quieted. Natural I decided to be part of the company, and drag Scott along for the ride!  pawTree’s moto is “Making a difference in the lives of pets and people”. And I am happy to say they really do! For our pets, we are able to give them healthy nutritious food, and for Scott, he is able to breathe freely!


Our vision is to create a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive!

You don’t like to eat the same thing every day, and neither do your pets!


Mary Kay

My Story

Hello, My name is Cheryl Palmieri. I am a Team leader soon to be director of Mary Kay. I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself and this amazing company and how it has completely changed my life. March 12, 1015 was the day that changed my life forever. I had met a consultant at a bridal show a few months before and spoke to them about the company and products. I attended an event with many consultants and guests, I was welcomed the moment I walked through the door. I immediately felt appreciated. Now let me preface this by saying I was a very quiet, shy, woman who was definitely a wallflower and was not comfortable in my own skin. I did not like to be the center of attention or have people pay close attention to me. I had a mindset of not feeling pretty, or worthy of the attention or all the good things life had to offer. I was engaged to the man of my dreams, planning our wedding (we had been friend for 12 yrs before dating). So I just want you to know how hesitant I was to go to an event like this and be pampered and “made beautiful”.  I sat at the table with my mom in tow, and we were treated like royalty. Pampered with a full facial. My skin felt amazing and I actually felt good about myself for the first time in forever. I spoke at length to another consultant about the products and decided to start taking care of myself before my wedding. I had made the decision to purchase the set I had sampled and then discussed the “Mary Kay opportunity” At that point planning a wedding as most of you know is expensive. So I listened to the presentation and was honestly so impressed with the product, the company and the people around me I decided to sign up as a consultant that night. 

I am going to fast forward to 2016, but first let me tell you I had a very rare opportunity to attend Career Conference just 2 weeks after I signed as a consultant as someone had cancelled. So here I go, not really knowing anyone, miss shy quiet, no confidence in myself being basically as I felt at the time “thrown into the unknown” Well, that lasted about 5 minutes once I arrived at the conference. I sat and listened to amazing motivational speeches, watch women and some men cross the stage for their accomplishments of all sizes and to my surprise crossed the stage myself with my unit as we are a Cadillac driving unit. So quiet meek me crossed the stage with all my new team members and Director. WOW is all I can say. What an AMAZING and life changing experience. I left that conference a “new woman”  I will now fast forward and I now have a HUGE extended family of Mary Kay sisters, and friends. I have become a strong confident proud business woman. I never in my life thought I would be where I am now. I do have my amazing husband who supports me 1 million percent and who is also a consultant. My family, friends and team members are so down to earth, friendly and supportive. At Mary Kay we are one big family. We are Mary Kay ‘sisters”. 

Mary Kay as a company focuses on so many amazing things, empowering women to live up to their fullest potential. We have a Foundation which sadly is as not as well known as we would hope of which I am an ambassador. The Mary Kay Foundation focuses on women’s cancers and domestic violence. We donate millions of dollars a year for testing, research and helping women to find housing, jobs and get their lives back in order. I am very proud of our foundation and our company.  We believe that any woman can be successful in anything they choose to do. We also believe “You are in business For YOURSELF but NEVER BY YOURSELF!  You always have your network of team members, friends and sister consultants to help in any way they can. It is never a competition between consultants, You are only competing with yourself to meet your goals, hopes and dreams no matter how big or small. 

Mary Kay herself was an amazing groundbreaking woman who began her business with her $5000 life savings and a definite plan. One month before the launch of her company her husband passed at the breakfast table. Everyone around her told her to forget about her company and live her life. Mary Kay and her children opened that business one month from the day of her husband’s death. 55 years ago this year 2018. Her company has grown to over 3.5 million consultants in over 30 countries. I am very proud to be a Mary Kay Team leader and soon to be Director in this amazing company. 

One more important thing I would like to address is Animal testing…. In 1989 the company declared a moratorium on animal testing. They were the first company to sign the PETA pledge about animal testing.  In 2012 Mary Kay expanded into China, Following Chinese government laws Mary Kay must turn over products to the Government for testing. Mary Kay DOES NOT DO ANY ANIMAL TESTING. Sadly after this the company was removed from the PETA list. Everything sold in the USA is produced in our facilities in Dallas Texas. There is absolutely no animal testing done in the USA or any other country Mary Kay has their sales and production. Mary Kay Is also leading the fight with Peta to change the laws in China. Anything manufactured in China and is used in China and NEVER exported.

So This quiet shy wallflower will be crossing the seminar stage in 2018 in her beautiful gown in front of 10’s of thousands of people in the Princess Court of sales for my personal sales achievement. Among other parties and accolades. But if you decide to think about this as a hobby, part time job or career you will never be judged, always be loved and part of our amazing sisterhood.

On Silver Wings

I have a premonition that soars on silver wings,

  It is a dream of your accomplishment

     Of many wondrous things, 

        I do not know beneath which sky

     Or where you will change fate,

    I only know it will be High 

  I know it will be Great. 

-Unknown, Mary Kay's favorite poem


Damsel in defense

About Us

What is Damsel IN DEFENSE?

Damsel IN DEFENSE was formed in 2011 by two women who wanted to help others and find a path to financial freedom.  The company has been in in the black since the beginning!  

The Damsel IN DEFENSE mission is to EQUIP, EMPOWER AND EDUCATE women to protect themselves, their families and tribes (Women, Men and Children). Our Independent Damsel Pros (just under 25,000 nationwide) are working to equip others with a non-lethal means of self-defense and educating their contacts about options and increasing awareness of self-defense strategies.  The empowerment found in knowledge and ability to make independent choices are intertwined.  Many of our Independent Damsel Pros are experiencing financial freedom for the first time in their lives.  

Damsel’s mission moves beyond our immediate pro line and our direct sales contacts as well!   

Through the sales of our products and activism of our corporate and pro teams, we are offering empowerment and healing to those affected by assault, abduction, or belittlement #becauseofdamsel. 

One by one, we are working to change the statistics and giving back to the many amazing partner organizations below that are making a difference in the lives of those who have been dis-empowered. We actively work to increase awareness about issues like teen dating violence and human trafficking. As we continue to grow, our hearts and eyes are wide open for where the universe will take us next.

The entire Damsel IN DEFENSE company is extremely supportive and we work together without completion, except with our “self. “

We offer a means for women and the men behind the mission to purchase non-lethal, personal self-defense products such as kubatons (striking tools), pepper sprays at the highest concentration legally allowed, and stun guns in a private setting. We also sell personal security items such as door stop/window alarms, hidden travel safes, auto safety items, concealed carry purses, and family education programs.  We also have a contract with a digital security company that covers identity theft, social media and computer support.

How do I learn about which Damsel Products would be best for me?

I offer in home, at work, or “anywhere” Empower Hours, Warrior Workshops, Safe Hearts Programs (family/youth education programs), Safe Showings for realtors and anyone else who does business at other people’s homes or jobs require meeting “strangers” in less than secure locales (e.g. Uber drivers, visiting nurses, financial advisors, etc.)  and general safety/self defense staging audits.

During these events, we talk about personal/business self-defense and security needs and try to help find a solution for each person in attendance.  We also discuss “me too” incidents if guests choose to share.  Not for counseling, but just to be able to say it….

If the personal security solution lies in part with the acquisition of a Damsel IN DEFENSE product, I then work with the “host” and “guests” to make sure they understand how to use their new tools. If it doesn’t I may recommend other contacts or resources.

As for my business:  I’m practicing under the name of Virtute Vanguards for my business.  Choosing a name isn’t necessary, but I chose the name for my own purposes.

Why did I choose Damsel IN DEFENSE? – My story… 

I was fortunate to be raised in a loving, nurturing, and tolerant home; however, many of my friends have not been so fortunate. Though I’ve had some “close calls” with men being inappropriate during my travels, my upbringing and past career prepared me to fend off “advances.”  I my post college day’s I worked in human services and a behavior specialist for individuals who had developed reactive and occasionally violent behaviors as a result of institutional experiences.  As part of my training in this field, I became a Non-Violent Crisis Prevention trainer; my preparation included self-defense and hold release instruction as well as methods to deescalate volatile situations.

Unfortunately, many I have known and loved and many of those I still know, and love were not so blessed…

Over my lifetime, I’ve lost two dear friends to domestic violence.  One had escaped from a violent relationship and her very “savoir” later killer her. Another was the bystander during domestic assault event and was killed based on association. Many more have experienced the lifelong consequence of experiencing assault of their persons, either in acute or chronic situations.

A dear friend and her family were devastated by over 30 years of physical, sexual, and emotionally abusive behavior doled out by a family member, whose life was later terminated in an act of self-defense.  Another friend was assaulted and beaten to within an inch of her life by a former spouse… she blames herself because she was bullied into dropping charges and he later abused another woman and ended her life. More and more, I come in contact with women and their wards who were threatened, abused, and their spirits squelched.

It is the people who need to find their power to be develop a plan sufficiently defend themselves and their tribe so they don’t become the next victims (s).

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One by one, we are changing statistics and giving back to the many amazing partner organizations that are making a difference in the lives of those who have been assaulted, abused, abducted, or denigrated.  We are helping those who think they cannot protect themselves, learn to do that very thing! 


J. Hilburn

About Me

I sell, made-to-measure, personalized, luxury and casual men's clothing. The suits, blazers and dress shirts are sourced from prestigious Italian mills used by other, world renowned men's luxury brands. Unlike other luxury brands, my line is sold for a more reasonable price by not carrying the traditional retail mark ups. J. Hilburn does not have retail stores.

I take your measurements, the fit is guaranteed and after this point free time does not have to be wasted shopping at the mall. Clients can order online at their convenience or meet me in person for an appointment and I can recommend fantastic clothes for you. I have finished and fabric samples.

Made to measure clothes will fit you better, meaning they look better on you, which translates into improved confidence! Many people have sizing issues with off the rack clothing because we are not all sized exactly like these fixed measurement, mass produced clothes.

Examples of my product lines are:

golf clothing, 5 pocket jeans, chinos, polos, ties, belts, dress shirts, suits, tuxedos, jackets and vests

Dress shirts have the most customized options and delivery times are fast. Up to two weeks for a dress shirt and most other lines; and suits can take up to 20 business days.

Please call me for an introductory appointment. I can come to you!

Schedule your appointment today!



My name is Sara Snyder and I am a Breast Cancer Survivor…..

I was diagnosed in 2015 at the age of 35 with Stage 1 TNBC and a BRACA  1 gene carrier. I am a mother to 2 amazing children, 10 and 13, married to my hubby for 14 years and they were the biggest support system for me and the reason for me to fight and win this disease.  After hearing the words “You have cancer”, it was a moment I will never forget.  The initial shock set in and the “why me” but it was the “what is the action plan to beat this” was what spoke to me.  I went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy followed by several surgeries.  I was blessed with the most amazing team of doctors and nurses.  I was not going to let this disease take over my life and I wanted to give back to others facing the same disease.  Now over 2 years cancer free, I am a volunteer with the American Cancer Society as a Reach to Recovery Program.  I have had some once in a lifetime opportunities since having cancer, like a 2018 Eye of the Survivor Calendar model, photo shoots, make overs and lasting friendships with other cancer survivors. 

I knew I had put a lot of toxins in my body with chemotherapy and had some minor side effects.  That’s when a dear friend of mine in the medical field came to me with Pure.  Pure is a plant based raw nutrition and supplements that is the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to feel the best with over all well-being and health.  The philosophy is cleanse, balance, build.  You first must cleanse your body from the very day toxins, balance your body and hormones and then build the body to the level of proper nutrition.  There is 6 products that are listed in the 2018 Physicians Desk Reference!  I started flooding my body with all these products and I noticed that I had more energy, feeling less stressed, sleeping better, skin, nails and hair was growing at a fast rate and healthy looking.  My daughter suffers from eczema and it has improved her skin greatly.  My son has struggles in school with attention and it has helped him focus more and grades have been improving.  These products can be consumed by any age and also pets.   After 9 months on these products, I can happily say I have never had this much energy, sleep great at night (goodbye hot flashes),   and knowing I am getting all the toxins out of my body.  I believe in these products with so much passion I want to share it with everyone and help them feel better, not be sick with illnesses. 

Pure is not just about the amazing products for me, its about the company as well.  I became part of this company because I believe in these products and what they do for your overall health.  They consider everyone like family and appreciate you and offer incentives for anyone looking to be part of it.  For example, they do 2 times a year cruises, small weekend getaways, they send you special letters and recognitions for advancements.   The people that have come into my life from this company and part of our team are truly a blessing.

Please contact me to learn more and how these products can help get your body in the best health or become part of this amazing Pure family to start making residual income.

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Our Products Are Created for Excellence and Effectiveness:

  • The Best Nature and Science Has to Offer
  • Quality Without Compromise
  • Formulated to Deliver Compelling Benefits & Results
  • Designed for Convenience and Everyday Use



About Me

There’s something to be said about American Institutions, and Carol Kent can tell you all about one incredible institution, brand favorite and lifetime loyalty, Tupperware!

Tupperware is guaranteed a lifetime, and can be the perfect starting package for a new home. This is not your mother’s Tupperware!

Carol Kent loves to display the newest and most innovative lifestyle accessories on the market. There is closet organizers, silicon baking mats, and everything microwave. They’re also offering recipes, and basically all one needs to get the heart of the house, the kitchen started. I can remember the incredible possessiveness of my mother’s Tupperware throughout my life. Tupperware not only keeps the kitchen running, but the house as well. It’s the perfect gift for young couples starting out, or anyone that just plain needs the help of some ingenious wares. Life is easier with Tupperware!



About Me

Scentsy is wonderful product brand, that promises to change all minds about what it’s like to experience fragrance. Thinking outside the box is what this brand has done, with incredible quality and cost effectiveness. Angelyna Dries represents this brand with exuberance and confidence.

They approach fragrance in many different ways, which is so important to our well being, because science has proven that our emotional health can be uplifted by the right fragrance. She knows this and stand behinds the unique and innovative ways Scentsy brings fragrance into your everyday.

There are a wide range of baby products that are fragranced with an assortment of scents for a baby or child’s room, soothing the child, and creating an atmosphere of calmness and safety. The delightful products also come in adorable Disney designs, which every child has grown an attachment to.

I said cost effectiveness because it lasts! Their waxes which are good for the environment are placed in warmers that melt the wax ever so much, and provide a scented backdrop that will set the mood in every room.

The whole range of products are wonderful for those conscious of the environment. There’s also a sector of the population that can truly benefit, everyone! Everyone will adjust their mood by a particular scent, that’s not over powering, but true and subtle. The range of emotions we can go through given the proper environment is wide, why not scent it to make it the best day possible. Angelyna can show you what awaits.