Charli Jade


About Us

I started my company while I was enrolled in a master's program for Nutrition and Herbology.  In my search for living a cleaner life I discovered that many of the products that I was using in my everyday life contained harmful chemicals. I started making herbal based products that did not contain products that should not use be used on our skin or that we should avoid breathing. I have used some time-tested products along with some new formulations that are some of my favorites. 

It was at this time that my granddaughter was born. It is my hope to teach her the same natural, healthy living principles that I practice. With that in mind, I named the company after her. With Charli Jade we strive to get "Back to Basics".

We offer all natural plant based products and look forward to continuing to bring the best products to those around.


Sunrise Nutrition Center

Who we are

Nutritional Wellness for the Entire Family

The Sunrise Nutrition Center is a nutritional healing center dedicated to providing a health improvement program unique to your body. Because everybody is different, we design a nutrition program that suits your own individual needs.

We aim to improve your health through nutrition and other safe, non-invasive therapies which address the underlying cause of your health problems. We also educate the community about important health topics, how diet is related to disease, and how environmental toxicity impacts our health.

What We Do

At the Sunrise Nutrition Center we perform a non-invasive whole body evaluation to determine what organs or systems of your body need nutritional support. We also investigate hidden sources of microbes, heavy metals, toxins, inflammation and allergies.l This is the only health care facility in the area that mainly focuses on one thing. Your Nutritional Health

  • We look for the underlying cause of your health problems and strive to improve your health with nutrition, detoxification and alternative therapies.
  • We work with our patients on making better food choices and we strive to educate on the benefits of whole food nutrition so you can eat healthy without feeling hungry.
  • Each program is designed for each individual, (there is no one size fits all approach) so you can be assured that your problems are being addressed.
  • We use the most advanced form of muscle testing.  Which properly evaluates each organ for it's automatic needs.
  • We also look for things commonly overlooked by modern medicine such as heavy metal or chemical toxicity, food sensitivities, parasites and problems not commonly found in traditional blood testing.
  • We never use drugs and we aim to educate our community about the devastating effects malnutrition and toxins have on human health.
  • Our fees are very affordable and can fit almost anyone's budget.

(If you don't take care of yourself now, it will only be more expensive later) 

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Dr. John Harrington Nutritionist 

We offer free monthly classes so please check our website!


The Counseling and Mindfulness Group

About Us


We are experienced, licensed and certified mental health professionals who offer warmth and genuineness to those seeking counseling services and mindfulness instruction.  

We offer compassionate and professional mental health and addiction counseling services as well as authentic mindfulness instruction that may help change the way you experience your life. We maintain committed personal practices and disciplines ourselves, so we deeply understand their value and worth.  We are excited to share them with you. 

A Word on Mindfulness 

The research on the effectiveness of mindfulness (and there’s a ton of it!) is undeniable.

With experienced and professional instruction, mindfulness practitioners can diminish feelings of anxiety and cravings associated with addictions of every sort. A dedicated mindfulness practice can made the difference between sustained recovery and continued relapse. Consistent mindfulness practice has been found to reduce symptoms of recurrent depression and to diminish the effects of aging on the brain. Mindfulness practice is helpful in terms of changing our relationship to the spectrum of human suffering and experience. Those who practice regularly report decreased impulsivity, increased feelings of wellbeing, enhanced relationships, improved focus, and decision-making abilities. However, the quality of your practice makes the world of difference.  Learning from an experienced practitioner with a dedicated is often found to be useful.

The American Mindfulness Research Association is an organization dedicated to informing the public about mindfulness research and practices. For more information please visit AMRA at


Jacky Fernandez, MA, LPC, LCADC


Dan Massey, BA, CADC


Martine Kieffer, MSW LCSW

About Us

Martine is a graduate of the Rutgers University School of Social Work and the IM School of Healing Arts. She was born and raised in New Jersey.

Like all licensed therapists, Martine has extensive training in traditional, time tested therapeutic processes. But Martine has also studied many forms of therapy and healing from around the world. She practices her own unique blend of these modalities to facilitate her clients' process and healing. Martine is also naturally gifted with an uncanny sense of intuition, which allows her to often "cut to the chase" when working with her clients. She can often detect subtle traces of old patterns and wounds in people before they even speak to her. This allows her to quickly identify the core of the issue, so the client can begin to bring that issue to resolution. This, in turn, helps resolve the unsatisfactory life situation that caused the client to seek help in the first place. Martine conducts her sessions with equal parts of expertise and compassion, the two most important ingredients of any great counselor or healer. Martine skillfully and lovingly helps her clients confront themselves and whatever is holding them back in their lives, so that change can occur and life can be lived to its fullest potential for all of her clients.

Martine has first hand experience at the hardships life can bring.  Growing up with a single Mother, she saw how hard life can be.  She always had a passion for helping others, from a very young age.  She originally set out in the business field, listening to advice her mother had given her about how hard social work can be.  She decided to follow her heart and help others.  

Martine has traveled around the world.  From the mountains of Peru with the Shamans to the Monks of India.  Taking in the values and beliefs of people from all around the globe gives her better insight and ability to help.  She is also a non-denominational ordained minister.

The work Martine is most proud of is her time working in the city as a substance abuse and trauma counselor.  She has helped these individuals through some of the most physical and emotional times in their lives.  She has the real life knowledge that most do not.  Her life work is to help people get through their hardships and help them in their personal relationships.  Her abilities are one of a kind.

An Overlooked Truth

“Even though I believe in living in the open, parts of me hide. I can’t help it. But what I can help is which part s of me-the open or the hidden- run my life. What I can rely on is this inexplicable knowing that when I am in the open, life nourishes even those parts so sorely hidden.

Just as green stems in spring stay connected to their darker roots, just as the roots grow when the stems do, my compassion sooths my fear where I can’t see. Unknown to me, my love feeds the underside of my confusion. The light I take in keeps the roots of my soul alive.

We become so preoccupied with what we are not able to address, what we are not able to mend, what we are not able to leave behind, that we forget that whatever we are in the light of day is slowly, but surely, healing the rest of us”~ Mark Nepo; The Book of Awakening


Breathing Room Center

About Us

Cheryl Paulson I believe was guided to create a community space that not only offers an array of soulful and healing forms of fun, but a space for just about anyone to enjoy their own self for who they are.

Yoga is on the menu of services, however just a visit to their website will instill a sense of, “Ive always wanted to try that!”. There is certainly something for everyone. This topsy turvy world can be crazy at times, we all owe it to ourselves to settle down, and reach a little within ourselves to recharge.

Welcome is the main message and mantra for a community space, that lends itself to creativity, mindfulness, and truly understanding one’s self through fun and trying something new. Cheryl is a yoga instructor extraordinaire, with the ability to teach even the most reluctant of novices, to the participants that need a challenge.

What really struck me in this interview, was her calming yet joyful tone in Cheryl’s voice. It is easy to see that discovering her space, you will also discover the most important person in the world, yourself.

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Owner Cheryl Paulson opened the space in 2009 with the intention of providing an amazing array of quality healing services, offered at reasonable prices in a beautiful, serene space with a real community feel.