about us

Our Mission

 Our mission is to provide, promote, and connect local businesses to home owners in our area.  We want to help the locals, new and old, and visiting guests find upcoming events and places to stay and play.  We will help network and grow your business by offering the right connections through different avenues.

Our services will include but are not limited to welcome bags, itemized client directories, and spot lighting of businesses.



My name is Christine Evans and I have been in advertising sales for over 25 years. It’s definitely something that I admire. Sales to me, is building relationships, networking, and providing opportunities. If you don’t already know me, I can tell you that I’m an honest and hard worker. I enjoy connecting the right people together. I will be connecting new home owners to local merchants. My service will help the new owner feel at home. The feeling of purchasing something new leaves us all with the excitement of wanting to explore opportunities in their new area, such as restaurants, health and fitness, beauty, farms , wineries, bed n breakfast for their visiting family and friends, home décor and shopping in the local stores. Also, it leaves new home owners with the big responsibility of taking care of their new investment such as contractors, home services, and operations.

Whether they’re looking to take care of their new home or themselves, we will help you connect.

Thank you for your time and business, I look forward to working with you .